Are there any operatores that can help me draw ROC curve?

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I only get many pairs of true_positive_rate value and false positive rate value as following.

I want to get ROC curve and AUC. Can your extension implement these two functions?

The dataset and the process XML are in file.zip



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    Definitely the easiest way to proceed is that if you have the original dataset from which these values are drawn, then you can use the various Performance operators to generate the ROC curve from the underlying data (e.g., scored records and a corresponding label and from that RapidMiner will calculate its own version of threshold, sensitivity, and specificity to draw the ROC curve).  
    Otherwise, you could simply load this as a dataset and then use Studio's graphing capability to draw graph of it, although you may need to play around with the options quite a bit to actually make it look like an ROC curve.
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