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Hello, is it possible with RapidMiner to take a single value in a cell of a column and generate an attribute that contains this value on all lines to make comparisons later with cells of another attribute?

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    Yes, based on your explanation it sounds like what you want to do can be done using Extract Macro or Generate Macro and then Generate Attributes.  But if you post a sample process and dataset it would be easier to tell for sure.
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    Hello @LG01

    You need to open a new process in RM. Then Copy and paste this process in XML window. You can find XML window by choosing View --> Show Panel --> XML. Once you copy and paste this entire XML code, you need to click on green tick mark available on XML window. It will show you the process, then you need to connect your data in the process.


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    Thank you Telcontar 120 for your answer.
     Actually, I would like to take the first condition of the file order (<29), create an attribute that contains the value 29
     on all its lines then join the data table in order to compare row by row the condition <29
     and display the lines for which the condition is false
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    Hello Lionel,

    Thank you for this process. Could you tell me what is the procedure to recover this process and run it on my computer? Best Regards
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    Hello Varunm 1
    Thank you very much
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    Hello, now I would like (always using a table of datas and a table of conditions) to know if rapidminer is able to go to read each condition in each exemple of the file "order"   and to generate a number of macro equal to the number of conditions (exemples). Then it would be to go read all the datas in the "datas" file and to display a table that only displays the rows with false conditions. Thanks for your help.

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