Loop zip-file enteries and Process documents from files

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I managed to create a process that works fine for my assignment. The problem is I need to process the content of a local directory of zipped files. I tried different loops operators but they didn't work for me. My question is how to loop over a directory of zipped files and connect it to process Documents from files operator? Note that the zipped files can contain zero or more directories.

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    AyoubeAyoube Member Posts: 5 Learner I
    Hi @varunm1 I still have a problem. Is there anyway to convert fileObject to wordList?
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    Try posting your process to see where it is going wrong.  What @varunm1 has described should work just fine.
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    AyoubeAyoube Member Posts: 5 Learner I
    Hi @Telcontar120 . I realized I made a mistake following @varunm1 suggestion. It's working now. thx
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