Limited instalation and errors with Direct Marketing template

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One of my students has the following problem:
- RM 9.2. was installed on WIN10 64
- once he tried to run Direct Marketing template an error occured as illustrated with the screen enclosed
- logging off and on made no results, however he also realized that the instalation is reduced: you can see on the screenshot that not all read operators are available, also AutoModel is not available
- he reinstalled RM twice with no improvement: not all operators are available, DirectMarketing doesn't work (the CrossValidation operator is RED and HelpMeSolvetheProblem results with the second message enclosed.
Could anyone give some advice?

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    mlubiczmlubicz Member, University Professor Posts: 17 University Professor
    Once more thank you very much Varun.
    It seems that the problem was with the instalation of RM (as not all Views and Operators were available, including CrossValidation), not in the Direct Marketing code.
    He reinstalled RM once more disabling extensions (for any rate), rebooting the system, checking other working programs etc.
    For now it works.
    Best regards

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    varunm1varunm1 Moderator, Member Posts: 1,207 Unicorn
    Yes, if the default operator doesn't work then it is mostly an issue with the installation. Good to know it works now.

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