How one webservice is deployed?

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I have recently installed the rapidminer server and have created the webservices for my data. Wanted to know how to deploy the same. I follwed the Rapidminer documentation of creating a deployemnet, but was not able to do the same.
Could anyone help me out for this giving exact details and step by step process for the same.

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    Hey @mpineda
    Thank you for your reply, but I have already done this i.e created the webservice, but I wanted to deploy my webservice so that I, can call it from anywhere. Actually I want the url to be called from excel, so that all my new data will go and get loaded there and even I can fetch the result from the same url to the Excel.

    Basically I want to feed my data from excel and get the results to excel, is this possible in RM using the webservices?

    Thank you


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    Hi there

    Rapidminer is very powerful to expose any process to a web service. Once you know how, it's super easy and in no time you will be creating a lot of web services. 

    I left you here a link that explains it very good:

    Once you create the web service, you have to copy the link to call it from wherever you want. 

    Hope this solve your question, if not feel free to ask me anything.

    Have a great day!
  • SGolbertSGolbert RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member Posts: 344 Unicorn

    To answer the question quickly, yes, it is possible, as long as Excel can process the response of the web service (I didn't know it could do that). You say that you wanted to call the web service "from anywhere", that's either too broad a description or maybe you really need a RM Server with static IP/DNS and open ports. That is going to be quite a headache if you are not familiar with Windows/Linux servers, but it really doesn't depend on RM Server, so you will have to search on your own for a solution.

    From RM Server point of view, you either has to set up an anonymous service (not good in the open to anyone setup described above!) or you can also use authentification (creating user accounts in RM Server). Once again, I don't know if Excel supports web service calls with authentification.

    Let us know what is your case exactly.

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    Hi @SGolbert

    I already created the web service as suggested by @mpineda, and yes I am able to call it from anywhere with the link, but my concern is if I can call the same from Excel or not. I tried to connect from excel through From Other Sources -> From Web, and in the URL field I gave the web service URL link but was not able to connect to it.

    I wanted to know if I can connect from Excel to web service URL link or not... What I am trying to do is, I have already run a model in my studio and the same in the server, have created web service for the same in the server and also have accessed it from my system and was able to see the results.

    As this is already done, and I am having my web service ready in the server I want to send my new data set (bearing the same column names and structure) to be tested and get my target value. I want to push the new data from my Excel through the web service and let it do all the stuff for me so that I will have a get request or something similar from excel to fetch my results there (at Excel). 

    For e.g. here is the link of azure ml studio Excel. You can see Excel is already built in here.<br>
    This is what I want to do in Rapid miner, as internally there is no built-in connection for Excel, so I wanted to connect it externally through web service. Actually, I also do not know if this will be possible or not, wanted to try it out. 

    Also as you mention about the need of an RM Server with static IP/DNS and open ports, yes Sir I have already done this earlier, hence no issue with it.

    Please let me know if at all this is possible or not.

  • SGolbertSGolbert RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member Posts: 344 Unicorn

    I was able to import the titanic dataset from Excel!

    I can't see how is this useful, but the possibility is there.

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