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DocMusherDocMusher Member Posts: 333 Unicorn

Hi RM friends,

is there a sample dataset available in RM to generate a Sankey plot?



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    DocMusherDocMusher Member Posts: 333 Unicorn
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    The Sankey plot is so nice!


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    Tomi3321Tomi3321 Member Posts: 2 Newbie
    Hi, the diagram given by DocMusher includes 6 destinations/layers (1st: "F", "M" and "?", ... ,6th: "Miserable" and "Non-miserable"). How was this realized in RM? The file sankey.csv given above includes only "from" and "to".

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    Marco_BoeckMarco_Boeck Administrator, Moderator, Employee, Member, University Professor Posts: 1,996 RM Engineering
    edited August 2021
    Hi Tom,

    The "To" and "From" columns work like this:
    1. Take all values from the "From" column which do NOT appear in the "To" column, as those are the starting nodes - there is no value that goes to them. These form the 1st layer.
    2. The corresponding "To" colum value is now used to generate the 2nd layer.
    3. Find all rows that have a value from the latest layer in the "From" column and use their "To" column to generate the next layer.
    Step 3 is repeated until all rows are exhausted and thus everything has been added.

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