Native Bayes Kernel - no prediction in few examples

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Naive Bayes Kernel operator, after finished classification, marks few predictions as "?". What can be cause of it? It can't find any similarities with rest of examples?

My csv looks like:
id, author_id, characters_number, words_number, average_sentence_length, average_word_length, ratio_unique_words, ratio_word_length_1, ratio_word_length_2, ratio_word_length_3, ratio_word_length_4, ratio_word_length_5, ratio_word_length_6, ratio_word_length_7, ratio_word_length_8, ratio_word_length_9, ratio_word_length_10, ratio_word_length_11, ratio_word_length_12, ratio_word_length_13, ratio_word_length_14, ratio_word_length_15, ratio_word_length_16, most_used_word_1, most_used_word_2, most_used_word_3, most_used_word_4
"100395", "1000866", "1640", "318", "44", "3,94", "0,6006289", "0,08805031", "0,1761006", "0,1949686", "0,2327044", "0,1069182", "0,07861635", "0,06289309", "0,02515723", "0,01257862", "0,01886792", "0,003144654", "0", "0", "0", "0", "0", "anyway", "really", "decided", "write"


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    Serek91Serek91 Member Posts: 22 Contributor II
    Ok, thanks. My whole csv has 500 records. There is no nulls. So I think it is because operator can't find any similarities for given set of records.
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