regarding write excel operator,after running the process it is showing memory buffer file.

sowndaryasowndarya Member Posts: 1 Contributor I
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I'm trying to use the write excel operator with the input connection of analyse sentiment operator or other operators ,but it is showing memory buffered file in the result view.how to resolve it?I want to convert result into excel file.


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    varunm1varunm1 Moderator, Member Posts: 1,207 Unicorn
    Hello @sowndarya

    Did you provide storage drive path in write excel operator? Did you connect "thr" port of write excel to "res"? 

    Memory buffered can be seen when rapidminer cannot interpret the data format. If possible provide your XML (View --> Show Panel --> XML) code for us to review.

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    mertcatarmertcatar Member Posts: 7 Contributor I
    @varunm1 i am taking this problem,too. Could you explain possible solution, please because i didn't understand fairly 
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    Marco_BoeckMarco_Boeck Administrator, Moderator, Employee, Member, University Professor Posts: 1,996 RM Engineering
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    the "fil" port is the excel file binary data. When you use "Write Excel", you specify a location on your disk for the Excel file to be written to. That's your final output, you're done, you don't connect the "fil" port to anything.
    The "fil" port should only be connected if you don't want to store your Excel file on disk, but instead for example upload it to Dropbox or Amazon S3. Then you pass that data to the Dropbox/S3/... operator and upload it. For just saving it to your local disk, just don't connect the port.

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