Numeric to Binomial without knowing ranges

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i‘ve got the following question:

Is it somehow possible to convert numeric values to binominal or polinominal values without knowing the ranges? Is there any possibilty that there exists an operator that can suggest ranges automatically?

Thanks for the help!

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    Yes, you are looking for the various operators "Discretize by...".  Two commonly used operators are Discretize by Frequency which creates the desired number of ranges so that each bucket contains the same number of data points.  The other one is Discretize by Size which will ensure that all ranges have equal size.
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    This helps a lot thank you!

    So i know now its possible. Let me explain my Problem:

    I have 30 Attributes. Each of these Attributes has values from 0-100. My aim is it to do a Association analysis. For that i need to transform the numeric values into binominal. I tried your suggestion. The Problem now is that these Operators do a different Range for each attribute. Is it possible to create a range that involves all attributes and creates one range that fits for all Attributes?

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