9.4 beta Log operator issue

NoelNoel Member Posts: 42 Contributor II
In 9.4, using a process that works find in 9.2, I'm getting a "required parameter missing" error from the Log operator. Process attached, pic below.

I don't think I've ever opened the Log operator's parameter list (other than to supply a file name)...


  • varunm1varunm1 Member Posts: 719   Unicorn
    edited July 19
    Hi @Noel

    You need to supply what you want to log, for example, "process time"  or "loop time" etc. I use this frequently in 9.3 might be they changed it from 9.2. Actually we had a discussion about this recently,

  • NoelNoel Member Posts: 42 Contributor II
    Thanks, @varunm1

    As I said, I've never supplied anything as a parameter for that operator, so this caught me unawares. However, going back and looking at the sample process I "lifted" this block of operators from, I do see values provided. Who knew :)

    Yet another instance of getting myself into trouble by standing on the shoulders of giants...

    Have a great weekend.
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