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I have a dataset csv of Computer network ,I did data cleaning for the dates however I would like to find the flow using the chart which I have no idea how to input into which axis or dimension

·        date: mm/dd/yyyy

·        l_ipn: local IP (coded as an integer from 0-9)

·        r_asn: remote ASN (an integer which identifies the remote ISP)

·        f: flows (count of connnections for that day)


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    Hello @Min

    If you want to use the date on X-axis and the flow on the Y axis. First, you need to upload the CSV into rapidminer and set the date column as type date, if it is set as nominal then you can use nominal to date operator to change the type to date. Then you just need to connect the dataset in a process to output and run it. You will find the dataset in the results window, then you have a "visualization" option. In here, you need to select the type of plot, which attribute on X-axis (date) and the one for y-axis or value column (Flow). This is a sample plot for Houston hourly weather dataset in community samples. The plot is between date time and humidity. I highlighted the axis and related attributes in the image.

    If this is not what you need please inform more. 

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