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Hi, i can´t understand what does it mean p_busq_idig:day_of_week = 1 or the other similiar attributes. As far as my concern, it´s seems that the automodel used the generate attribute operator and create new attributes, but how does automodel created this attributes? Do you know wich formula had been used? 

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    I assume you have attributes called p_busq_idig and u_busq_idig as available attributes for prediction, and they are date/time formats. And then you checked the option in automodel to have it automatically generate new attributes and to include date/time attribute conversions. 
    When you select this option, it will look at various transformations of the Date to Numerical type to capture things like day of the week, month of the year, etc.
    In this case, it looks like the day of the week versions of these date/time attributes are very significant.

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