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How to replace missing values with the last given Value

CarlitoCarlito Member Posts: 2 Newbie
edited August 2019 in Help
i have a Database with the following scheme:

| Field      | Type            |
| object    | varchar(50) |
| attribute | int(11)         |
| value     | float            |
| date       | datetime      |
Object = manufacturing plant
attribute = Sensor name
Value = sensor value
date = timestamp (datetime)

The Idea is to only save an attribute, when the value hase changed (triggered by change)...
In Rapidminder i am able to transform the scheme back to the traditional scheme, where every attribute/Sensor has a collumn. Only problem i have, are the missing values. If there are no values it means the haven`t changed, so i`d like to replace the missing values with the last given value. Is there a way to accomplish this ?

If it is not clear what exacty my problem is, i can try to be more precise in explaining it.

Thank you for your reply/ help

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    CarlitoCarlito Member Posts: 2 Newbie
    Thanks, thats the solution to my problem. I was just looking at Cleansing->Missing->Replace Missing Values...
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