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Packages in Python

NiharikaNiharika Member Posts: 40 Maven
I am running a python code on  RapidMiner server which uses Elasticsearch package.So do I need to install that package on the machine where my server has been hosted?

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    kaymankayman Member Posts: 662 Unicorn
    Yes, basically all packages you want to use need to be installed on your server also as otherwise you would be using a vanilla python installation. 
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    NiharikaNiharika Member Posts: 40 Maven
    Okay I got the answer to my question.But for the second half of your answer I am not clear.
    For running python codes on RapidMiner Server we have installed Anaconda on the machine where my server has been hosted.So my machine will have some packages which come with  anconda library which can run on server.If some extra packages are required we can install it.So how does vanilla python comes into picture can you please explain.
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