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NFL Big Data Bowl 2020 Kaggle - Read CSV chokes

btibertbtibert Member, University Professor Posts: 79  Guru
edited October 2019 in Help
The train.csv dataset read file using pandas, but when attempting to bring the dataset into RM, the import chokes.  The message is shown below.  I know that there are different parsers and they make assumptions about things, but anything jump out to you which could be handled via the parameters? Other methods in RM?    

In some approaches I have seen, I am able to set the "number of rows to guess type" parameter, and I have gotten around these issues by setting the value extremely high. Using below, I would set the value much larger than 47984, which often results in a generic format but does enable me to start to manipulate the data from there.

Competition info here:  https://www.kaggle.com/c/nfl-big-data-bowl-2020/data


Best Answer

  • btibertbtibert Posts: 79  Guru
    edited October 2019 Solution Accepted
    For those who may stumble upon this (read: my future self), we have a variety of options that you can tweak and play around with to get you to place that may work for you.  

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