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Error while running a python code in Studio

NiharikaNiharika Member Posts: 40  Maven
edited October 2019 in Help
 I am executing a python code in my studio.Its a bit long code which fetches data from elastic and takes time .I am getting an error in studio.The code works fine in python IDE(Spyder).So I am not sure how to figure out why its is going wrong here and throwing an error.Can you help me with the same.

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  • mortizmortiz Member Posts: 19  Maven
    Are you calling on it using the rm_main() function?
  • NiharikaNiharika Member Posts: 40  Maven
    Hi mortiz
    I had given the rm_main() function
  • NiharikaNiharika Member Posts: 40  Maven
    Thanks varunm1 I was able to find the error using the logs
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