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Estimation of process duration

Muhammed_Fatih_Muhammed_Fatih_ Member Posts: 71  Maven
Hello together, 

is there a possibility to estimate the time duration of a process before starting or during the process execution? Especially for bigger processes that take a lot of time like for example dimensionality reduction within Text Mining approaches, which can f.e. take more than one day, this would be very helpful.  

I've seen that RapidMiner provides an extension called "Jackhammer Extension". The problem is that the extension tracks the time after having executed the process. 

Thank you in advance for your answers! 



  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Learner III


    My suggestion to you is parallel processing. If your data need one day for process it is better to use parallel processing.

    I hope this helps
  • Muhammed_Fatih_Muhammed_Fatih_ Member Posts: 71  Maven

    thank you for your answer. I think the problem in my case is that there is no parallelity needed here. The SVD itself is a single chained process. 

    Do you see a possibility to parallelize the attached process? 

    Thank you in advance for your answers! 
  • Muhammed_Fatih_Muhammed_Fatih_ Member Posts: 71  Maven
    Are there other possibilites to estimate the process duration within RapidMiner? 
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