increase memory used in rapidminer studio

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Hi, I am using Rapidminer 9.2 educational license 32bit.

when I run svm with 2000 data. it stated that my process failed and need more than the maximum amount of available memory. I check preference and my memory show 4096MB, but why on resource monitor show only 1024MB. 


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    ah did not know that. Thx @IngoRM!
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    Hi sgenzer and ingro, Thanks for answering my question, really appreciated it.

    I will update my rapidminer by today and I'm using machine with 8GB and 64bit machine. should I reinstall Rapidminer 64bit?

    I did check it, and show 4096Mb, but why my resource monitor still shows 1024Mb. Please help me I'm still new with Rapidmine
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    ok, thanks. Its work, you guys really help me. Thanks a lot
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