How to draw a dendrogram generated by RM?

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Hello folks,

I am working on my lab exercise to draw a dendrogram taking into account that I am using a dataset that includes chemical characteristics of 300 wines as well as the quality ratings of these wines graded by experts. He Supposes that we are a wine enthusiast who would like to separate these wines into 3 groups based on their chemical characteristics and then compare these three groups based on the average quality ratings. Every attribute besides “Quality” is considered a chemical characteristic. He asked to use agglomerative clustering with CompleteLink, NumericalMeasures, and EuclideanDistance to cluster wines into three groups based on chemical characteristics. Before running the clustering process, normalize the attributes using range transformation (min=0, and max=1).

This is a screenshot of my work can anyone helps me to draw the dendrogram as my result is empty? 
how can I generate the required number of clusters from the dendrogram?



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    hi @Patricia I'm sorry no one has chimed in here yet. Can you pls post your process XML and data set (or are you just using the UCI one)? 
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