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I have a question about data encryption. We analyze personal information data, but we would like to encrypt all ID attributes. If you only know the ID, you can link it to various data. High security environment is required in our project.
We would like to encrypt the ID key once, then share to some analyst, and only the administrator can decrypt it.
Do you have those features?

I found the following extension but it doesn't seem to be supported in the latest version.

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    Satoshi_KitajimSatoshi_Kitajim Member Posts: 9 Contributor II
    Hi Balázs,

    Thank you very much for your answer.  I was looking for operators and extensions.  I think that the problem can be solved by giving the table encryption and decryption information.
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    Attaching any sort of encryption information to data objects defeats the purpose. You need to have the encrypted data and the key separately, otherwise the entire exercise is just security by obscurity (aka no security).

    We do not offer support for storing encrypted data tables at this point and likely never will, as that makes collaboration very difficult. There are more effecive means to achieve data security, e.g. by only storing data in DBs with strict access controls.

    Balazs outlined an effective and secure way of handling your scenario, given that the file linking both together is kept secure.

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