Machine Learning Model for increase of revenue

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Hi everybody,

for university I got a dataset of a telecommunication companie. I shall develop activities to increase the revenue.
I thought about churn prevention as first plan to increase revenue.

But for development of other activities I have some problems how to start.
I have a column MonthlyRevenue which is a float number and a column PercChangeRevenues which determines the change of revenue to the month before. 

So I think I have to analyse which combination of attributes leads to a high value of revenue.
Which steps do I have to do after Data preparation (missing values and so on) ? Which operators can I use?

And is it better to group revenue into intervals?
For example revenue groups:
Group 1: 0-20€
Group 2: 21-40€
Group 3: >40€

Attached you can find my data.

Thanks for support :smile: 

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