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Good Day

I'm a student at UCF and have the following assignment:  Load a data set DisneyTripAdvisorReviews, which I believe I've done.  My issue is the following Process the data set with the software functionality, which may include tokenization, several filtering's, case transformation to name a few.  I have been unable to find a tutorial with the information, I need to complete this assignment.  I might be getting to old for this.

Produce a word list based on the frequency of key terms in the data set
Identify the association among the key terms based on occurrence frequencies.

After importing Data and creating temporary repository file I thought I had created one and got lost.  I need help thank you.  

DisneyTripAdvisorReviews Temp 37981    

I have to leave for a two hour class and will login upon my return. Your assistance is appreciated and thanks in advance.
v/r E Anthony Wrightrogers MSG                        RET


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