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I was wondering what "Best Gains" mean regarding the models used to predict in the automodel section, as the percentage for accuracy is already determing the "best model" isn't it? How can this be different in some cases? Can somebody explain the exact differences?

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    I read the post you provided. But just to clarify i get it right I want to sum up the situation.

    I got a result for the logistic regression with an accuracy of 93% and a gain of 10
    Also i got a result for the gradiant boosted tree with an accuracy of 97% and a gain of 6

    The cost matrix is +1 and -1 as given.

    1) The accuracy is the percentage of this model predicting right, right? or does it say that for 93% the logistic regression is the right model for this task in general regarding the provided data?

    2) The gain for both approaches are given by the difference between "Profits from Model = 26/24" and "Profits for Best Option = 20/14". What does it say? What is the difference?
    I still dont understand the transfer from the confusion matrix to this outcome as I acutally had 100 rows of data and the confusion matrix seems to only have analysed 38 rows.

    Thanks for the fast response before! :)

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