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Hi, I searched for this, but the answer is not available anymore, leads to a broken link. I am totally new to Rapid Miner, and I am following the tutorials.  In Prepare Data - Part 6 - Writing Data 
In task: Add the operator Store to the process and connect it.
Define the parameter repository entry and pick a location in your Local Repository.
Connect the output of Store also with the "res" port on the right. I pick a place in my Local Repository and comes this error message:
Potential problem detected parameter repository entry accesses a repository by name (name and path). 
This may not be portable when sharing processes. 

But it demands a name. 


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    This is because you use a direct (full) path. Though the error sounds very scary it will actually work fine, but only on your local pc. So if you want to share the process or run it on server tick the 'use relative path' option. It will work the same way but without scary error messages. 


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