Vertex did not succeed due to OWN_TASK_FAILURE,

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ERROR : Status: Failed. Message: Error while processing statement: FAILED: Execution Error, return code 2 from org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.tez.TezTask. Vertex failed, vertexName=Map 1, vertexId=vertex_1584441441198_1357_10_01, diagnostics=[Task failed, taskId=...

Vertex did not succeed due to OWN_TASK_FAILURE, failedTasks:1 killedTasks:0, Vertex vertex_1584441441198_1357_10_01 [Map 1] killed/failed due to:OWN_TASK_FAILURE]Vertex killed, vertexName=Reducer 2, vertexId=vertex_1584441441198_1357_10_02, diagnostics=[Vertex received Kill while in RUNNING state., Vertex did not succeed due to OTHER_VERTEX_FAILURE, failedTasks:0 killedTasks:30, Vertex vertex_1584441441198_1357_10_02 [Reducer 2] killed/failed due to:OTHER_VERTEX_FAILURE]DAG did not succeed due to VERTEX_FAILURE. failedVertices:1 killedVertices:1 at org.apache.hive.jdbc.HiveStatement.execute( at org.apache.hive.jdbc.HiveStatement.executeQuery( at eu.radoop.datahandler.hive.PooledStatement.executeQuery( at eu.radoop.datahandler.hive.ContainerStatementPool$ContainerStatement.executeQuery( at eu.radoop.datahandler


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    can you please post this on so that our professional team can look into this?

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