karrarenas1981karrarenas1981 Member Posts: 4 Contributor I
please we all know G.A Genetic Algorithm it is optimization my quastion what the benefit when we use it with rapidminer ?

is the rapiminer it is also optimize and it will optimize the results for G.A ?

please i want help for my quastion soon 
thank you a lot 


  • rfuentealbarfuentealba Moderator, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member, University Professor Posts: 568 Unicorn

    I apologize but I don't understand your question. By any chance, do you speak Spanish? (Arenas means "Sand" in Spanish, that's why I ask).

    All the best,


  • karrarenas1981karrarenas1981 Member Posts: 4 Contributor I
    Hello how are you 

    no, i am not from Spain  

    My question was what the benefit exactly for rapiminer ? 

    another question is can we consider rappidminer like an optimization also or not ?

    last thing why we compined rappidminer with fenetic algorithm ?

    thank you a lot 

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