Rapid Miner Go vs Rapid Miner Studio

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I have a dataset of 5,000 lines with 15 attributes. I've been trying to use this dataset in the tutorials, trying to understand the process of Rapid Miner Studio, trying to connect the appropriate boxes with lines. By chance I learned about Rapid Miner Go. After following the first step, downloading my training dataset, picking the appropriate attribute as dependent variable for a logistic regression model and following instructions from there. I ran the model and was simply amazed at the decent percentages I was getting for predictive value, including .77 for the AUC. I have not proceeded to model deployment. I just need to understand what it is I am missing by bypassing the Studio process?  

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    tonyboy9tonyboy9 Member Posts: 113 Contributor II
    Very nicely put comparison, Balazs. That gives me good reason to learn Studio. Tony 

    Oh, I nearly forgot. You mentioned extension, which I added the statistics extension. Where is that used in the Studio process?

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