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BasantBasant Member Posts: 1 Newbie
What parameter should be set to disable embedded ActiveMQ broker while starting rapid miner server through docker


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    ZSzatmariZSzatmari Employee, Member Posts: 13 RM Engineering
    For all of our depoyments we try to us the configuration files as the default configuration sources. Some of the parameters/properties are exposed as environment variables, because setting these is needed for any other special deployment purposes, but otherwise we propose to use the standard way: tune the configuration files e.g. on the persistent rapidminer home volume. 

    To answer the question: to disable the embedded ActiveMQ we do not have environment variable. After the first startup you can check the configuration files in the persistent rapidminer home: set the "jobservice.queue.activemq.embeddedBroker.enabled = false" in the configuration/execution.properties
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