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Hello! I`m a new one to RapidMiner and I want to learn Sentiment Analysis for my coursework. The purpose is to build a model which can estimate what reviews are: positive, or negative.  In program there is an example of the process, but I want to change a couple of things:
1. Replace an example set with my own which has more data
2. Instead of a document with only one review to be estimated by a model I want to use a .xlsx file with reviews which I parsed from IMDb site.
The problems are in "Cross Validation" operator in the screenshot "First Problem", and in "Read Document" operator on the screenshot "Second Problem".
I can`t understand why "Cross Validation" operator has the problem of type because my data has the same structure as in the example, and what operator should I use to  read parsed data in .xlsx file correctly?

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    crimson_crowcrimson_crow Member Posts: 3 Contributor I
    Thanks a lot, @lionelderkrikor! That is exactly what I`ve been looking for! The solution came out to be easier than I thought)
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