Decision Tree Operator is Missing

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I could not find the classic Decision Tree operator. Error Message is attached.

What happened to the usual operator that is used in previous textbook examples and RapidMiner sample processes? Do I need a plugin? How do I get the operator working again?

Appreciate your help with the details. Thank you.


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    GohGoh Member Posts: 9 Newbie
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    I am using RapidMiner 9.6.
    My laptop uses Windows 64 bit.

    When I downloaded and used RapidMiner 9.6 with the Windows 64 bit version, this error keeps popping out. However, when I uninstalled and re-installed using the RapidMiner Windows 32 bit version, this error no longer appears.

    Anything wrong with the RapidMiner installer files?


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    GohGoh Member Posts: 9 Newbie
    I have run the 64 bit installer more than 5 times before. But the same problem persists.
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