Using the results from a sentiment analysis which result do I use?

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Extracting results from a Sentiment Analysis I have the following results.
I use the following sentece

This is a nice day
Overall sentiment dictionary is :
 {'neg': 0.0, 'neu': 0.588, 'pos': 0.412, 'compound': 0.4215}
sentence was rated as  0.0 % Negative
sentence was rated as  58.8 % Neutral
sentence was rated as  41.199999999999996 % Positive
Sentence Overall Rated As Positive

Having these answers which one do I have to take into account? 
Shall I conclude that the sentence is Neutral according to the dominant result or shall I conclude that the sentence is both Neutral and Positive? Since I want to estimate a sentence as either Neutral Positive or Negative can I use only the dominant result?


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    Which sentiment operator did you use to produce this result?  You might want to try the native Extract Sentiment operator which is now part of the Text Processing extension.

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