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Problems loading RapidMiner software

claudiamclaudiam Member, University Professor Posts: 2  University Professor
It takes about an hour and a half to load and freezes the computer because it never finishes loading an educational repository (lower left corner of the screen). Can you help me correct this problem without having to format the computer and restart it? There are 2 times that the same thing happens to me, and this time I do not want to restart the computer. I will appreciate for your help.


  • RoeRoe Member Posts: 4 Contributor I
    Are you having a problem with the installation of RM or loading data to a working installation?
  • claudiamclaudiam Member, University Professor Posts: 2  University Professor
    RapidMiner software was working very well for some months.  And suddenly it started with the problem I described in previous message.  It's not possible that the only solution be to format the hard disk and set up every software again.  This problem not only happens in the office computer, but in my laptop also.  Do you have a solution for this situation?  Thank you so much for your help.
  • sara20sara20 Member Posts: 110   Unicorn


    Do you have anti malware in your both pc and lap top? Are you sure that you didn't import any malicious data to your RM?

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