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Hi all, 

I have a question concerning  a merge attribute in my process. 

I am merging multiples kind of process together with a merge attribute. If I don't touch nothing and wait until the end, I have all my data correctly posted at the end. My problem is when I am trying to generate an attribute after the merge operator. I need to compare dataset obtained from differents process merged together by the merge attribute. When I am putting a generate attribute or select attribute after my merge attribute operator, certain values such as datetime or macros are avaible for the selection but some attributes generated during different process are not there. They are there if I let my process run trough the end but if I put a generate attribute, they dissapear. 

Does anybody know why?



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    Found that even if you write the name of your attribute through the Generate Attributes, it works. My problem is solved, living only the one if somebody were to filter his data.
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