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Dear all,

Can someone explain how "extract sentiment" operator works in RM? I am using vader and I got the result that is more than (1, -1) ratio.

thanks in advance,

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    David_ADavid_A Administrator, Moderator, Employee, RMResearcher, Member Posts: 297 RM Research

    could you post one or two of the sentences that scored so high? Or even better the complete process?
    @mschmitz and I can then take a look what's happening there.

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    HeikoeWin786HeikoeWin786 Member Posts: 64 Contributor II
    Dear @David_A,

    Thanks much for your support here.
    I had tried 2 appraoches.
    1) Sentence level sentiment vader: The score is -1 to 2 
    2) Without splitting into sentence: the score is almost 20. 
    I had attached the process that I used for the vader sentiment. 
    I am having difficulty to understand the logic of vader in RM.
    The below sentence return 19.564 score in vader.

    "Moscow to Bangkok via Abu Dhabi. I really don't understand all the negative reviews here. I have read them all and was preparing for a horrible experience, but Etihad ended up being brilliant, and I can't wait to fly with them again. Moscow - Abu Dhabi flight. I have selected seats online before they discontinued the free seat selection, and surprisingly all my selected seats stayed intact. Check in was quick and orderly, boarding commenced on-time. Our 3-year old Airbus 321 was very comfortable, with wide seats and decent legroom in economy, as well as an updated and fast IFE system. Cabin crew were very pleasant, smiling, well-groomed and efficient. The meal service was without menus, but you could look up the meals for your flight online on Etihad website - it matched 100%. The metal cutlery made the whole experience classy. Meal service included complimentary wines, beers (Stella Artois and Budweiser), gin, whiskey, rum and vodka, plus non-alcoholic beverages. Cabin crew were generous with the drinks, mixing cocktails and giving out extra beer and other drinks to whoever asked them. I had the hindu meal, and it was very filling and healthy. IFE had few movies in Russian, but I guess that is to be expected, but the movie library in English was great and appealed to my taste. When I asked for a beer in the middle of the flight, the cabin crew member gave me two cans, saying "why have one when you can have two". Transit in Abu Dhabi was very quick and painless, but I wish we had jet-bridges instead of buses to the terminal. Abu Dhabi - Bangkok boarded via jet bridge, on-time once again. The flight was quite full, but I managed to score an empty seat next to me. Boeing 777-300 is a bit less comfortable than Airbus 321 due to seat width, but the seat pitch is still very much okay, and the experience is still good. The cabin crew passed with towelettes and water before takeoff, which was a very nice touch. IFE was a bit less responsive, but the content was the same. Meal service was amazing, I have never had such delicious dishes on the plane in economy. My hindu meal was simply mouthwateringly delicious, and I wouldn't mind getting this food in a cafe on the ground. My mother had Fish Sayadiah, which was just exceptional as well. Drinks were, once again, poured liberally and generously, with crew making a first full round of drinks with a small savoury snack before the meal, the second one with the meal and once more after the meal. Bangkok - Abu Dhabi. Check in was lightning fast, and the ground staff at check in and at the gate were lovely, smiling, cracking jokes and being efficient and the same time. Boarding was on time, very orderly via boarding groups, and done via jet bridge. The plane was a Boeing 777-300 again, and the onboard experience mirrored the one on the previous flight - a lot of drinks, friendly, smiling and polished crew, delicious meals, adequate seating, great IFE. Abu Dhabi - Moscow. This flight was on an older Airbus 320, with sluggish IFE system, but it still was perfectly ok. What was not ok, however, was the fact that armrests on this airplane didn't go fully up - only like 45 degrees. Due to the armrest situation I struggled to get comfortable and lie down. Cabin crew were amazingly friendly, polite and eager to assist for a flight that departed at 3am. The flight was quiet and uneventful. Overall, Etihad exceeded my expectations, and I will gladly fly them again!"

    Snapshot of my data before sentence split.

    Thanks much in advance,

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    HeikoeWin786HeikoeWin786 Member Posts: 64 Contributor II
    @David_A and @mschmitz , May I humbly follow up with this thread? I had attached the example and process as you requested. Thanks a lot :)
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    HeikoeWin786HeikoeWin786 Member Posts: 64 Contributor II
    Hello, This really clarified..thanks a lot for your support.

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