Calculate between two datasets with different attributes

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Hi Guys

I want to calculate fields from two datasets / .csv Files together.
The attributes from the two datasets are completely different.
In one dataset there are a few animals stored with the information of their weights (in gram) and the other dataset contains the price per gram.

I want to multiply every "weight" field from the first dataset with the "price" field from the second dataset.
As a result I want to get the price for the animal included in the first dataset.

See example for hopefully better understanding:

First dataset:
ID, Animal Name, Animal weight in gram
1, Dog, 1500
2, Cat, 800
3, Frog, 100

Second dataset:
ID, Price per gram
1, 0.015

RESULT included in the first dataset:
ID, Animal Name, Animal weight in gram, Price
1, Dog, 1500, 22.5
2, Cat, 800, 12
3, Frog, 100, 1.5

Thanks in advance for your help!



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