Operator Toolbox Extension Isn't Working

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Hi all,

I'm trying to run a decision tree model and produce the decision tree path for each example. There's an extension called Customer Operator Toolbox (2.6) that does this but I get an error that it's not compatible with the current version of Rapidminer. The operator was updated 6/10/20.

Do you have other suggestions? I've seen on some threads that you can use generate attributes, but this produces a metadata error in subsequent operators. Is there an easy way to produce the tree path without this operator?


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  • hbajpaihbajpai Member Posts: 102 Unicorn
    Hey @bshockley,

    I think operator toolbox would be the best way in this situation. I see you are on the latest version of the extenstion, and also the extenstion has compatablity with older versions of Studio. What is your RM Studio version? Can you check out the rapidminer-studio.log?
  • bshockleybshockley Member Posts: 4 Contributor I
    Hi all,

    Thanks. I needed to have the text processing extension turned on. I didn't realize that was a dependency. This comment is resolved.

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