Feature Request: Web Service Sorting and QoL Improvements

MinorJinxMinorJinx Member Posts: 3 Contributor I
Currently in the RM Server web dashboard the Web Services are listed in a random order.
I assume it is being sorted based on some hash or ID that isn't viewable from the front-end.

A few amazing improvements to this page could be:
- Sort alphabetically (based on name) by default with the option to click the top bar to reverse the order.
   The ReactTable css that is used for the Executions tab would be perfect here.
- A date_create and date_modified column with the ability to also sort by these values.
- The ability to change a web service name after creation without requiring deleting and re-creating.
- The ability to right-click the edit or test buttons and open that in a new tab.

Thank you so much!

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