How to keep two decimal places accuracy while display label on bar chart?

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Hi guys, as shown below, how to change the label to two decimal places accuracy? Such as 9.26, 9.14...

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    There is a "secret" help in RapidMiner which can help you out here. When you go to "Plot Style" and inside to "Label Style" you'll find a format field. Hover the mouse over that field and it will tell you exactly what to do, i.e. to enter a format statement {point.y: .2f} to achieve what you want.


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    Thanks Jacob, you are awesome!
  • LilCLilC Member Posts: 24 Learner I
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    Hi, Jacob, I have another problem.
    I need to display some of the numbers by percentage in the result (in data, not visualisation).
    So I used the format number, but it only displays 1%, 2% etc.
    I cannot get the accuracy as 1.05%.
    Any idea how to solve it? 
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