How to read the decision tree

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In Studio, under File, New process, Learn, 2. Modeling.
Using the Titanic training data set, the decision tree is 
built, with the Explanation: 
From our resulting decision-tree, we can clearly see that survival was not coincidental at all. In fact, it tells us that as a female passenger, with a small family, you were really lucky - at least if you were holding an expensive ticket!
In the screen shot, how do you read the decision tree to tell you all that?


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    The root is "No of parents and child on board" so there is 2 parts for less than 4500 or more than 4500 then if the answer is less than 4500 you will find "No of sibling and ..." so now you know the root and other parts are leaves.

    I hope this helps
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    Thank you for responding, Sara. Perhaps you can tell what does the 'yes' box with the blue mean?
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