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New to rapid miner and Python. When first tried Execute Python it said "Python not found, Failed to detect Python at the given path or environment name:". But  I have downloaded Python 3.8 and Anacoda but still get these warnings. Spent hours to fix this, so frustrating. Could anyone help me ?

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  • jacobcybulskijacobcybulski Member, University Professor Posts: 391 Unicorn
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    Make sure that your Python Scripting Settings (in Preferences) point to the correct Python (use Conda settings). If you defined any environments you can select Python from that particular environment and press the "Test" button. Also, I am not certain that RM can call Python 3.8 (I need to test it but I recall having problems with it). I am currently using Anaconda with Python 3.7 and 3.6 on both Windows and Linux and not having any issues.


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