Parsing failed in running Python script

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I tried a community real world use case-Amazon customer reviews-Topics analysis but had an error in the last step: Create word clouds. It is saying "No module named "wordcloud". I am desperate to know how to achieve LDA visualization and please help me out!  


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    I find that the best way of including Python scripts in RapidMiner is to first test them outside RapidMiner (e.g. in Spyder or Jupyter). Once they are working place them into RapidMiner. Judging from your error you do not have "wordcloud" module. So you first need to install "wordcloud" library (e.g. using "WordCloud" package) and then import the required function "wordcloud". Having said this why not simply output your LDA word frequencies and use RapidMiner wordcloud visualisation? There is also an LDA operator built in within a Text Processing extension.

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    Hi Jacob, Thank you for your answer. I use R but kind very new to Python. Rapid miner detects python in my local Anacoda file but I do not know how to download python packages in Spyder. Problem still unsolved. I have the topic distribution so far and I just hope to visualize it. Is there any suggestions?  R packages also work.
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    Just follow Anaconda's guides on how to install the wordcloud package:
    It should be as simple as opening an Anaconda prompt (if on Windows) and running 'conda install wordcloud

    If you get an error saying that no such package exists in the Anaconda repository, follow the instructions in this section:

    Hope this helps,

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