Case problem: Customer segmentation

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Where in the Operators Reference Manual index are the operators to work a data set for customer segmentation?

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    Thanks for responding. 
    Here is my problem statement.
    The data set is attached.

    Customer segmentation

    Problem Statement:

    An automobile company has plans to enter new markets with their existing products (P1, P2, P3, P4, and P5). After intensive market research, they’ve deduced that the behavior of the new market is similar to their existing market.


    In their existing market, the sales team has classified all customers into 4 segments (A, B, C, D). Then, they performed segmented outreach and communication for different segments of customers. This strategy has worked exceptionally well for them. They plan to use the same strategy in new markets and have identified 2627 new potential customers.

    You are required to help the manager to predict the right group of new customers.

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