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anildasanildas Member Posts: 9 Learner I
I have a  dataset with daily data . but there are few missing days.. how to add those missing samples with previous day values in the final example set for a timeseries forecast model.
is there any direct process/approach available in Rapidminder for such cases?. I have seen few similar queries but its confusing to me, kindly advise.


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    jacobcybulskijacobcybulski Member, University Professor Posts: 391 Unicorn
    You are correct that "Replace Missing Values" is not appropriate for time series. Instead use "Replace Missing Values (series)", in which you'll have to define which of your attributes is an index (time) and which of the attributes need to be interpolated (using the previous and the following data point in time). You will also have an option to decide how the replacement happens. Jacob
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    anildasanildas Member Posts: 9 Learner I
    Thanks Jacob, I have tried with REplace Missing Values(series), but I am not getting the required result,
    attached a sample process for your understanding .. since i am very new to RM. I dont have much familiarity with different process available in RM for different purpose,

    required result set


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    anildasanildas Member Posts: 9 Learner I
    Thanks Jacob for providing me the hint/ option.
    Instead of "Equalize Numerical Indices ", I have used "Equalize Time Stamps" operator, that exactly produce the required result.
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