Keycloak - "platform_webservice_access" role can not access the "RapidMiner Token Tool" page

User52243User52243 Member Posts: 2 Contributor I

RapidMiner Server 9.7.

A user with a single assigned role "platform_webservice_access" that tries to access the "RapidMiner Token Tool" page (https://platform_url/get-token) gets the following error:

Authorization required.
You have no active role on RapidMiner Platform Manager.

Same user can access the page if the role "platform-users" is assigned to them, but that would defeat the purpose of limiting a web service account's capabilities.

Many thanks.


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    tkeneztkenez Employee, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 22 RM Product Management

    I think you found a bug in the realm role configuration. Could you please try adding the client role 'users' for 'urn:rapidminer:token-tool' for your user and trying again (you probably need to log out and back in, or just open a private browsing session)? It should look like this:

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