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GO won't work at all

wufuturawufutura Member Posts: 38 Contributor I
I just recently got the monthly subscription for GO but it gets "hung up" (at times all night even on something with 80 rows and 3 columns!)!) and won't deliver any conclusions even on older files for which it was successfully predicting.  So, I suspect it has nothing to do with the process or the particular files.  

Any thoughts?  Any current problems in the system? anybody else reporting problems?

Best Answers

  • eciorbaeciorba Member Posts: 14 Contributor II
    Solution Accepted
    Hi wufutura,
    Unfortunately we indeed had an issue which caused many pending jobs in the system. The problem has been fixed so it should be working now as expected. You eventually need to re-submit your jobs, as the pending ones were removed.

    Thank you for reporting and sorry for the inconveniences made!

    Best regards,
    Edmond Ciorba
  • wufuturawufutura Member Posts: 38 Contributor I
    Solution Accepted
    thank you.   Love Go!   Richard


  • wufuturawufutura Member Posts: 38 Contributor I
    like to use LTSM with GO and time series capabiltities.  makes a great fast scratchpad.   please advise.   richard
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