don't understand how to get users to access my model

KristinKristin Member Posts: 1 Newbie
i am trying to figure that out but i am working backwards - I need to see how an external user would be able to use my model and what I would have to do or what i would have to build for this. I do credit repair for a living and my users have bad credit. i would like to build a mobile that allows them to plug in their past results and credit report data (creditor, item type, etc.) to determine if their current methods are likely to warrant results OR if they cannot. if they cannot, I can show them that I have a better solution. only problem is the deployment part - is there a url or something where they will be able to plug info into my model? i don't understand this part


  • MarcoBarradasMarcoBarradas Administrator, Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member Posts: 272 Unicorn
    HI @kristin you can do it in 3 ways

    1. Build a basic model with RM Go and expose it as a Webservice that you can the integrate with any other app you have to produce the input for the model and show the output of the scoring
    2. Buy a RM Server license an host you own Model tweaked through RM Studio and folllow the last steps of option1 or expose it as an App with RM Server (Maybe you'll find it expensive if you are not big o a company)
    3. Use any of the cloud solutions pay as you go RM Server on Amazon o Azure and start your server any time you have a customer.
    Hope this ideas help you understand the ways in which you could expose your models and use other technologies with RM Models.

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