“Haberman's Survival Data" Set

AlyssaAlyssa Member Posts: 1 Newbie
I am looking to find the best performing classification model to predict if a patient will survive 5 years or longer after the surgery. I need to do a comparison for my class. Which, if any or all, of the below Classification models should I use?:

·         Decision tree

·         K nearest

·         Naïve bayes

·         ANN

·         SVM

·         Random forest

Thanks so much!


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    jacobcybulskijacobcybulski Member, University Professor Posts: 391 Unicorn
    All these models are applicable to the classification task, so I suggest you try them all and see which gives the best validation performance. In the process you may need to explore your data and see if any pre-processing is required for each particular model and if distribution or label values indicates which performance measures are applicable to your data. Good luck.
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