Read Rss Feed Operator: Adding multiple URLs to the operator

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Hey there RM community, 

I'm working on a project for school. The idea is use the RSS feed reader operator and extract different pieces of information from it. The problem I'm encountering is that I don't know how to input multiple URLs into the operator. I've searched this up, and the results have practically flown over my head. One big problem is that I'm very new to coding, and so anything related to coding will have to be dumbed down for me. If someone could answer the following, it would be a huge help: 

1) How to add multiple URLs to the "Read Rss Feed" operator
2) How to select a few keywords from each article and filter the results gained from the "Read Rss Operator" based on them (Eg. An article must have the words Trump, Biden, or Election) 

Any help is greatly appreciated 

Thank You, 
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