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Why are my cluster visualizations blank.

TerpdogTerpdog Member, University Professor Posts: 15 University Professor
I am using the Educational version of Version 9.8 on Windows 10. Using Auto Model I run a k-means cluster analysis. Clicking visualization in the results produces a graph with no data points. I had this problem before and version 9.6 seemed to fix it. With Version 9.8 it seems to be broken again. Could it be the version of Java that is installed on my computer?

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    TerpdogTerpdog Member, University Professor Posts: 15 University Professor
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    I expect that you are right about Java being the problem. The problem was solved once again when I updated to the newest version of RapidMiner Studio which likely came with a new version of Java. This seems to happen often with RapidMiner


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    jacobcybulskijacobcybulski Member, University Professor Posts: 391 Unicorn
    In the past (on my Linux machine), I have found that if you use a Java version which does not support the required JavaFX, you may get blank charts. If you have several versions of Java on you PC, make sure that you have JAVA_HOME environment variable pointing to the required version of Java (or more specifically its bin folder, see the installation). If this upsets your other application, as a hack (just for testing), go to the RapidMiner folder and edit RapidMiner-Studio.bat file and change the settings of the JAVA_HOME variable in there. If it does not fix the problem, there is something more sinister in your system.
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