Remove seemingly "empty" rows in Excel Sheet - Containing Spaces

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Hi guys, 

I'm currently cleaning my data and also used an operator to remove missing values. I realized, after writing an excel sheet, that there were still some "empty" cells left. These cells aren't empty though, they are containing a space, thus they seem empty but are really not and Rapidminer won't detect them as such. 

Is there any way to remove rows with one or two spaces in them? As there is text in the other rows I can't just remove all spaces or the text won't make sense anymore. 

Do you guys have a solution for this?

I attached an exemplary file. One of the rows in question would be e.g. row number 138.

Thanks in advance! 

Have a lovely day!

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    Use the trim operator, this ensures non text fields are converted to missing (real blank) before export to excel


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